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Sunday, August 29

Make Money Online Legit And Free

I created this blog to introduce sites to you that WILL make you money. I have done all the Research on each site i will show you they are LIGET and will PAY. So don't worry about waisting your time no more.
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If you are looking for a PTC (payed to click) site there are a couple i will show. If you want to make a lot of money ill show you a site to do that as well where you can own your own KEYWORDS and get a lot of traffic to your site without spending a arm and a leg. I will help you the best i can and that's my PROMIS. I understand that there alot aways to make money online, BUT a lot more are a scam so i will show you LIGET sits so you don't have to worry. Don't listen to all the other YouTube videos you see. I'm here to do the work for you and show you what you need to know. so here we go..

First thing if you are looking to make ALOT OF MONEY then it wont come over night, but could happen fairly quick depending on time you spend on the net working on things. This site is a New Search Engine that is still in beta testing. So now is the BEST time to get into it! why?? Because it is free to join and things are WAY cheaper. Kooday. This site allows you to own your own keywords. you can buy a keyword starting at $0.10 when you buy a keyword the site will give you PROFIT SHARE CREDITS !
Profit share credits are important! The more you get the more money you will make for the REST OF YOUR LIFE monthly or weekly but that's not it, when you bye a keyword you will have ownership of that word or (words)  So you can then post a link to that word. So when someone searches that keyword you link will show you (cool huh!) so simple and that will get you tons of TRAFFIC and DOWNLINE.  also if someone buys that keyword off of you they have to pay 15% more then you bought it for or more.
so if you own a keyword that's worth $10.00 and you sell it they have to pay 11.50 + . You will KEEP all that MONEY!  The site will not take money from you because you own that keyword.
the more keywords you own the better. I have more then tripled my money in 2 days (SICK!!) that easy i deposited $15.00 and i am around $90.00 in 2 days.. NO LIE!! I really am making tons of money on this site.
You can also make money when you own a keyword when someone doesn't want to buy the keyword but wants to link there site to that keyword. You will get 25% of the keywords cost. Very easy!! This site is going to be like google and all the other search engines, but this one allows you to be a part of it. So RIGHT NOW is the best time to join.. There are payment proofs and all the things that help. Kooday is the new search engine of the Future http://www.kooday.com/refer.asp?ref=29095  SO join now. you have nothing to lose.
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The Second site a lot of you probably heard of. NeoBux This site is a PTC (paid to click) the BEST of the net (rated A) 100% of people have been satisfied with this site. You get $0.01 for each advertisement you click. Doesn't seem like a lot but when you get some down line and click every day and rent some referrals you WILL MAKE TONS before you know it. This site is everyone's favorite with INSTENT CASH OUTS. This site also has tons of payment proofs and has been around for a few years. So if you haven't joined get on it and start clicking its very easy and will help.   http://www.neobux.com/?r=chestiz187    Please make sure i am ur referral  chestiz187

The Third site will be the last for now. This site is another PTC site. This one is NEW but Admin is very active and also has a lot of payment proofs and is also ISTENT PAY OUTS.  Onbux. This site is a NeoBux competition for sure a lot of ppl are starting to like this site more. Even though they are almost the same this site offers things alot more quickly then Neobux.. so if your a NeoBux fan or new to the PTC (payed to click) sites join this one for sure and you will be happy you did,.. remember to click every day join now and make sure chestiz is you refual    http://www.onbux.com/?r=chestiz

Thank you for reading my blog remember to send me a e-mail if you my referral and i will help you the best way i can to be succesful (at top)  i hope to see you on my list : )